Smarter Way to Get Design Feedback

20 second gut test allows you to understand your clients and friends' design preferences in under 3 minutes.

Create and share yours today.

"Users decide if they like the design within the first 20 seconds"

Understand your clients' initial reactions with our 3-step solution.

Step 1: Upload

Start by uploading up to 20 designs
of various styles to Vizly secure platform

Step 2: Share

Get shareable link to your gut test and
share to your clients and friends

Step 3: Discuss

Receive results via email and
discuss further feedback with clients


Our test reveals your client's aesthetic preferences using quantifiable feedback.

Simplified Feedback

You can conduct the test any time and record the feedback on multiple prototypes.
Say no to cumbersome email exchanges!

Client-Friendly Test

Your client takes fewer than 3 minutes to give feedback on all designs. No sign-up needed.

Choose a better way to get feedback.